Pine Hill Community School Association

The mission of the Pine Hill Community School Association (CSA) is to maximize parent and community involvement in the life of Pine Hill School and to fund select enrichment programs, materials and equipment that contribute directly to the students’ learning.

What is the Pine Hill CSA?

CSA stands for Community School Association, and similar to a Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) or Parent Teacher Association (PTA), it's purpose is to maximize parental involvement in the school.  The Pine Hill community, however, made a explicit effort to increase the involvement of the broader Sherborn community in the life of Pine Hill by naming the organization a Community School Association.


How does the CSA function?

The CSA is a non profit corporation comprised of parents or legal guardians of Pine Hill students and any member of the Pine Hill School teaching or administrative staff actively involved in the formal education system of the Town of Sherborn. It is governed by a Board of Directors who all serve in a volunteer capacity and who establish Committees to fulfill various functions.  The CSA meets on a monthly basis during the school year and communicates with the greater Pine Hill community via this website and a newsletter distributed on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.  Click to read the CSA By-laws, meeting minutes and archived copies of the newsletter.

What does the CSA do and with what impact?

The CSA works to enhance and enrich the educational experience for all members of the Pine Hill Community.  Local tax dollars go toward the school's budget to provide salaries and building maintenance, but are not enough to cover all of the activities and supplies that contribute to Pine Hill's reputation as a rich learning environment.

The CSA:



The Pine Hill CSA budget is approximately $63,000 for the 2017-2018 school year. 

These funds:

  • Provide teacher and faculty grants, stipends and appreciation events (approximately $13,000)

  • Allow each grade to engage in an educational experience with Broadmoor Wildlife Sanctuary (approximately $10,000)

  • Supports the DARE program for 5th graders as well as the METCO Family Friends program (approximately $3,750)

  • Allow the CSA to provide events for the Pine Hill Community such as ice cream socials and the pancake breakfast as well as sponsoring an annual DSHS Senior Award (approximately $3,000)

  • Provide speakers, performers and other presentations at All School Meetings and provide speakers, performers and other presentations or hands-on experiences for each classroom (approximately $30,000)

Why should I support the CSA?


Your support for the CSA, whether it is your time or contributing money by participating in our various fundraisers throughout the year, directly contributes to the enrichment of the educational experience for Pine Hill students.

Thank you for your support!

Please email with any questions.

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