Grade 1 Enrichment - Chinese Ribbon Dancers 

 March 5, 2017

In early March the Pine Hill 1st Graders participated in  a Chinese ribbon dancing workshop with Chiao Bin Huang.    This is an annual event for the First Graders to enhance their 'Country of China'  social studies unit.


Ms. Huang has been dancing professionally and teaching for over 20 years.  She is also known as a Chinese paper cutter and origami artist. 


Ms. Huang enchanted the children with the story of the Han Emperor.  The origins of ribbon dancing lie within this tale. 


Ms. Huang explained her traditional Chinese dance costume and how she uses her ribbons to express emotion and movement.  She performed a beautiful traditional dance for the children before inviting them to try ribbon dancing for themselves. 


The children enjoyed making their ribbons circle, wave and spiral. 

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