BOKS at Pine Hill

Fall 2019 through Spring 2020

We are pleased to begin another year of BOKS at Pine Hill. Due to the change in start time for Pine Hill next year, this will be the final year of BOKS.


BOKS is a before school physical activity program held in the Pine Hill gym. BOKS is run by Maura Bennett, Head Coach of the Dover Sherborn Boys & Girls Indoor and Outdoor track team.

BOKS prepares children for a day of learning and is an important step in helping children appreciate the benefits of exercise and healthy choices that will last a lifetime.  BOKS was inspired by Dr. John Ratey's book Spark. Dr. Ratey, of Harvard Medical School, states that exercise is the single most powerful tool that we have to optimize the function of our brains. Classes are filled with team-oriented games and provide plenty of opportunity for play, since the program focuses on fun!​

How to Register

  • Registration Form  

  • One form must be filled out for each child in your family and please make sure to sign the last page. We accept 50 students into the program on a first come first served basis so send in registration materials as soon as possible. Please include your check (made payable to Dover-Sherborn Community Education) in the amount of $150 per child with the registration form.

  • This fee covers replacement equipment and supplies and trainer stipends. You can send in the registration form along with payment to the front office in an envelope marked BOKS.

What do you do in BOKS?

  • 40 minutes class

  • Fun warm-up game and/or movement drills

  • Running activity, Relay races, obstacle courses and strength movements

  • Exciting games

  • Cool down​

When is BOKS?

  • BOKS will run in 4 sessions, every Tuesday & Thursday morning from 7:40 am to 8:20 am with drop off starting at 7:35.​

    • Session 1: October 1 - November 26th (we will not meet on October 15 & 17 due to a conflict)

  • We will not hold BOKS if school and canceled and there will not be make up days for the missed days. Following BOKS, students will go directly to their classrooms/precess.​

You can also visit the BOKS website at for more program details.


Please feel free email Maura Bennett at if you have any questions or read the information sheet.

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