Pine Hill Family Friend - METCO Program

The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity (METCO) is a grant program funded annually by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts under the Racial Imbalance Act.  


This programs allows students residing in the Boston area to be matriculated into a participating school systems outside of Boston.   Placement is lottery based and the current wait list is 3-5 years.

The Dover-Sherborn school system has been a proud member of the METCO program since 1968 and currently has 40 students. Ten of these students are currently at Pine Hill.

How Can I  Get Involved?


At Pine Hill, the Family Friend program pairs families in Boston with families in Sherborn who have students in the same grade.  It provides connections for Boston families to the Dover-Sherborn community, allows Boston students to spend time in Sherborn, and Sherborn students to spend time in Boston outside of school.

The Family Friend program hosts several organized events for students and families throughout the year.  On early dismissal days, Boston students in elementary grades spend time with their Family Friends after school until the bus to Boston leaves Pine Hill at 2:45pm.  The goal is to form lasting and genuine relationships between students and families.

To learn more about how to get involved, contact :

Pine Hill METCO Family Friend Co-Chairs

Angie Johnson

Lauren Leahy

Dover Sherborn METCO Director, Monique Marshall-Veale
508-785-0036 (ext. 7131)

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