5th Grade Enrichment -  Matt Noyes, NBC Meterologist 

  • Students were able to see the weather truck "Weather Warrior" which can broadcast by satellite or cell service. The kids got to go outside and get a tour of the rooftop weather equipment.   Pine Hill is the first school to see this new truck!

  • Matt shared the etymology of "meteorologist" (someone who studies things that come from the sky) and explained the difference between a a weather presenter and a meteorologist


  • He talked about extreme weather and the kids offered examples to show off their knowledge (this includes hail, tornadoes, blizzards, hurricanes, sleet, freezing rain, thunderstorms.  He also shared a cloud chart and explained how to forecast weather from cloud formations.

  • Matt told the kids he wanted to be a doctor or a state trooper when he was a kid and weather was just a hobby, but then decided to make it a career.  He told the kids to keep working and you'll make your dreams come true!​

Pine Hill 5th Grade -  March 2017

Matt Noyes of NECN/NBC Boston has been visiting the 5th grade students at Pine Hill School for over a decade and is is always excited to talk to the kids about weather and his job.  


During his recent visit, Matt shared that he is the stations main scientist and in addition to meteorology, he also has to knows about oceanography, seismology, volcanology.

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