2nd Grade Enrichment -  Author Susie Klein

Suzy Kline is the award-winning author of the Horrible Harry series and a former second grade teacher who visits wit the Pine Hill second graders to talk about her books and being an author.


In March, Suzy did a group presentation to the second grader and explained the process of writing books and how she finds her “story seeds” from real life events.  This was an interactive presentation and the children really enjoyed learning how she began writing.


The classes then returned to their individual classrooms for a writer’s workshop.  In each classroom, Suzy explained the process of writing a book and how best to create an interesting story.  In the writer’s workshop the children focused on writing short paragraphs using the tools of “who, what, where, when, why & how”.

Visit Susie Klein's website HERE to learn more about her and her amazing books!

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