Pine Hill Raffle Baskets


This is the 9th Annual Pine Hill Kids Raffle Basket Fundraiser!
Always one of the most popular and exciting fundraising events at Pine Hill, this year you have the option to participate through backpack mail or online!  Read on for more details.   
Happy raffling!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the wildly successful Raffle Basket Fundraiser! And congratulations to our raffle basket winners!


Basket #1 - LOL Basket - Kenley Dunham

Basket #2 - Outdoor Basket - Sam Gerst

Basket #3 - Hands-On Basket - Cavi Carroll

Basket #4 - Lego Basket - Liam Ford

Basket #5 - STEM Basket - Caroline Moores

Basket #6 - Patriots Basket - Ryan Frigiani 

Basket #7 - Joke/Fun Basket - Addie Cullum

Basket #8 - Unicorn Basket - Morgan Madison

Basket #9 - Baking/Cooking Basket - Grace Tapply

Basket #10 - Slumber Basket - Mason Costanzo


How it Works:   Each classroom is assigned a basket theme and the parents, teachers and students work together to donate goodies to fill the baskets.  The baskets are then packaged up and put on display in the Pine Hill Library for all to see.  Every student gets a free ticket (found on the order form) and more can be purchased for each basket, with the drawing held in early February.

Raffle basket tickets can be purchased online (PayPal only) anytime,

or you may purchase via backpack mail with the ticket order form. 

To be included in the raffle, tickets must be sent into school by Wednesday, February 13.  

Winners will be drawn the morning of Thursday, February 14!


Questions? Contact Katie Garvey: 

Basket #1 – Connery and Hilperts: SURPRISE BASKET :

LOL, hatchimals, foam surprise, flip sequin pillow, everything small and mysterious

Basket #2 – Parker and Edelglass: OUTDOOR FUN

SpikeBall, chalk, s'more makings, outdoor games, frisbee toss, bubbles, water balloons

Basket #3 – Gird and Sullivan: HANDS-ON BASKET

Slime, squishies, foam, kinetic sand, more slime, make-your-own-slime

Basket #4 – Jarboe and Custodio: LEGO BASKET

Anything lego!

Basket #5 – Mealey and Sidman: STEM Fun

Stem science kits, logic games, science kits, 

Basket #6 – Lucey and MacKay: PATRIOTS BASKET

Patriots Jerseys, foam fingers, hats, balls, keychains. Go Pats!

Basket #7 – Young and Lundquist: JOKE/FUN BASKET

Madlibs, hand-buzzer, whoopee cushion, pie-face, silly string, funny games, 

Basket #8 – Scobie and Ritchie: UNICORN BASKET

Unicorn pillow, squishies, unicorn ring toss, unicorn pencils, erasers, flip sequin unicorn, all unicorn all the time. 

Basket #9 – Santiano and Darrah: KIDS BAKING/COOKING

Cookbooks, baking utensils, accessories, giant mixing bowl, cooking fun. 

Basket #10 – Weiner and Ryan: SLUMBER PARTY BASKET

Fuzzy slippers, Jenga, Magic 8 ball, candy, glow-sticks, mad-libs, fuzzy blankets, fun stuff. 

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