Pine Hill Raffle Baskets


This is the 10th Annual Pine Hill Kids Raffle Basket Fundraiser!
Always one of the most popular and exciting fundraising events at Pine Hill...  Check this page for information on donations, tickets and winners.

Congratulations to this year's Raffle Basket winners!  Thank you to everyone who donated money or items and who purchased tickets!

1) Slime-Me Basket - Cavi Carroll, 4Y

2) Hands-On Basket - Finnley Soglia, 4Y

3) Got candy? - James Frigiani, 1G

4) Lego Friends - Mahiya Suresh, 3Sc

5) General Lego - William Cole, 1S

6) Soccer for Days - Will Garvey, 4W

7) Bear Grylls does Ninja Warrior - Erik Kochupurakkal, 2M

8) Horses and their magical cousins Unicorns - Emmeline Kohn, KP

9) Slumber Party - Addy Doyle, 3Si

10) Wizard World - Harry Potter - Brynn Cullum, 3Sc

11) Get Wheely Excited - Jake Adduci, 5M

12) A Rainy Day - Chloe Sherratt, 3R

Basket #1 – Slime-Me Basket

Glue, activator, glitter, containers, slime sets, create your own slime, slime, slime!

Basket #2 – Hands-On Basket

Squishies, Nee-doh; all things sensory

Basket #3 – Got Candy?

Candy making sets, how to make candy, candy themed stuff, baking stuff

Basket #4 – Lego Friends

All things Lego Friends

Basket #5 – General Lego

Everything else Lego!

Basket #6 – Soccer for Days

Any and all things soccer - balls, mini-grames, books, gear from NE Revolution or other NE teams

Basket #7 – Bear Grylls does Ninja Warrior

Ninja warrior gear, obstacles, jump rope, chalk, compass, survival books, outdoor gear, etc.

Basket #8 – Horses and their magical cousins, Unicorns

All things horses and unicorns!

Basket #9 – Slumber Party

Slippers, PJs, games, Mad Libs - everything you need for a fun slumber party!

Basket #10 – Wizard World (Harry Potter)

Games, gear, clothes, wands, etc.

Basket #11 – Get Wheely Excited

All things wheeled

Basket #12 – A Rainy Day

Games, art sets, markers, and anything that kids would like on a rainy day.

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