Grade 2 Enrichment -Wampanoag representative from Plimouth Plantation 

On Tuesday, November 1st the Pine Hill Second Graders enjoyed an enrichment program about the Wampanoag Indigenous People from Plimoth Plantation.  

In a one-hour exploration, Phillip, a teacher from Plimoth Plantation passed around reproduction artifacts and animal pelts, and facilitated classroom discussions to bring to life the seasonal ways of the Wampanoag people in the 17th century.  The students shared traditional Wampanoag greetings, and learned about the foods that the tribe hunted, gathered and ate, the clothes they wore, and the toys children played with in the 17th century.


Philip did a wonderful job describing the vital role that animals played in Wampanoag life, and the ways in which all parts of an animal were used: meat for food, pelts and leather for clothing and baby bunting, sinew for stringing bows and sewing clothing, and fur for stuffing children’s toys.  There was a question and answer session as well when the children asked some very insightful questions and were able to answer some of the questions posed to them by the teacher.

This is the first of the Second Grade Social Studies Unit on people living in communities. By studying a Wampanoag Village of long ago, students learn to compare and contrast how different communities have met basic human needs. Meaningful first-hand experiences, problem solving, role-playing, and hands-on activities help students learn about themselves, their community,and the world beyond.

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